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A few words about the sound

 nice sounds

Many musicians and engineers, working with DAW Soft and Virtual Instruments, very often try to create a sound that is similar to the most original sounding instruments. And that's quite understandable. We typically think when the sound is born out of a musical instrument, and not from the womb of the computer. 

The level of modern plug-ins and libraries, in principle, to successfully complete this task, at least not 90%. But let's discuss it with the other hand. Really indeed, if so need this truth and the similarity to the original, which is often achieved at the expense of the loss of individuality and creativity sound? What is more important? the sound honest or nice sound?

Approximately 10-12 years ago, people who created music at the amateur level, as well as all home musicians created their own music with a standard GM sounds and with synth presets popular in these years. Sound banks has measured in megabytes, and only несколько человек были позволить себе роскошь обладания HALion, GigaStudio and SoundFonts. Now, the size of some sample libraries reach the hundreds of gigabytes, and this sound banks created with live instruments, recorded using expensive microphones to expensive equipment in expensive tone halls famous studios.

Today's musicians, who have a home studio, going through dozens of sample libraries on his computer. Everyone wants to have the sounds that will be more like a living instrument. Someone real violin, someone real grand piano that sounds like in real room, someone real guitar through real amp.

Real instruments - it is always good, it's always fun! But this is not always justified in any particular specifically taken arrangement. Very often, as just the place are not natural sounds of guitar or saxophone, and a slightly modified, no real room for reverb and arbitrary, not possible in the nature of space. Very often, in the pursuit of naturalness musicians moving farther and farther away from the original sound, but it's not right.

After all, we create music for the audience, and not for their fellow musicians and sound engineers. A listener - immaterial natural tone of the piano in this song, or too thin, right attack these drum kit, or too short.

For the listener, it is important that the music sounded beautiful and has some idea of magic, originality. So let's do music, not math!

norCtrack wish you success in your creativity!

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