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Become a singer? - EASY!

some tips

You want to become a singer and have a world name? There is no definite way to glory, but here are some tips that you can do in that direction.

Definitions and perseverance

There is huge competition - thousands of people want fame and fortune career artist. Many successful singers have spent years to work on the voice and performances in low-paying gigs before became famous. Do not forget about your goal and be patient.


Defeat your fears

Contrary to what you think, many performers had to overcome stage fright. If you are also suffering from the fear or too dependent on the opinions of others, you must find ways to overcome their fears and increase confidence. Sing as often as possible - in the car with friends, on stage, and remember that people's opinions do not matter, it is only important that you work hard to fulfill his dream.

Start with a song you perform well

Once you achieve perfection, skip to another song. Very soon you will have a full repertoire.

Breathe deeply

Breathe the air more than is required for the performance of the song. You do not have to choke or lose energy.

If you do not write their songs themselves, then pick up a good repertoire

Many of the singers do not write (cpmpose) their own songs. Early in his career is important to you, people to appreciate your voice, not songwriting talent. Make a list of 10-15 songs that you really are able to perform well, and work on them.

  • Choose and popular and unknown songs. You do not want to sing only hits, but should not be your whole repertoire and of completely unknown songs.
  • Refresh the classics. A good way to attract attention - dramatically change the tone, tempo or melody of the famous song. Notice how the old hits are processed by modern artists.

Perform in public at every opportunity

Ranks in every possible concert, you're never know who might be in the audience. Sing at private parties, county fairs, sporting events, talent shows, karaoke, wherever possible, regardless of whether you pay for it or not. Even if you do not notice right away, you get used to the scene and overcome the fear of public speaking.

Upload your record on YouTube

Some really managed to become famous in this way (for example, Charis Pempengko, Austin Mahone, Greyson Chance and, most importantly, Justin Bieber).

  • Remember, the Internet is not always a good place. If you are not sure of the glory of his voice, it may be advisable to spend a few more days of rehearsals. You can praise the Internet, but just as well and make a joke.
  • Remember that what you post on the Internet, in a sense, live forever. Put only what you really proud of, and I think that will be proud of in 10 years.
  • Do not place anything on YouTube, if you're underage. Ask for help from the parents.

Be the center of attention

Eat, breathe and sleep like a celebrity. Participate in a photo shoot. Speak up. Use any chance to attract attention. Make yourself famous.


Visit places of gatherings of successful musicians and producers (clubs, discos) and behave as if to a part of it, even if they are of you have not heard anything. Visit the city of the music industry (for example, Moscow, New York, St. Petersburg or Las Vegas) and mix with the local musicians.

  • Start dating with other musicians. You do not know who would want to cooperate with you in the future or will introduce you to the producer. Be friendly and interested in the career of another person.

Flat out

On stage or in dialogue with representatives of the music industry, always use a charm. Smiles broadly, to answer questions and sing with enthusiasm, even if you feel awful. Part of the work in the entertainment industry - the ability to create an atmosphere of fun and energy.

  • Behave appropriately with their fans. Remember that once they can make you famous. Let's autographs, answer questions and photographed after performances.

Learn to accept criticism

No matter how well you did not sing, not everyone will like your voice. There are people who do not like the artists of world significance. Listen objective criticism, as it can help you improve, the rest are ignored. Do not engage in a debate about your dreams, and from the hecklers leave, most likely, they are just jealous of you.

Accept failure and move on...

Many famous musicians have faced rejection before came to the stage, including the Beatles. If someone does not want to work with you - it is worse. Move on and keep the tail gun.

Learn to recognize scammers

As soon as it becomes known that you are interested in a music career, you can attack the scammers with fake contracts. Consider the following:

  • If a producer wants to sign a contract with you, you do not have to pay, because in the future it will earn money for themselves and for the producer. Do not sign a contract in terms of which you have to pay the trial record, vocal training, etc. Remember, a good producer receives money for your popularity, but not before you even do anything.
  • If you were offered a contract, read it carefully. Maybe even worth paying a lawyer and hear his opinion on the document. It may cost you a few thousand, but it will pay off later.
  • Do not rely on verbal agreements. Insist on a written contract with clearly defined rights and remuneration.

Consider joining a group

If you do not play a musical instrument, perhaps wisely to join the group, which will provide you with musical accompaniment. Remember, if you are part of a group, and then success will have to share; you can not succeed in the same way as if you were doing it alone. Before making such a decision, well weigh all the pros and cons.

Be improved

If you take voice lessons or do it yourself, do not stop trying to make it better. Rehearse as often as possible, and try to sing something new. This will help you gain self-confidence, and when you become famous, you'll be on top.


  • Believe in your strength and do not pay attention to what people say. Do not let anything stand in your way.
  • Do not forget who you are, do not let fame engulf you. You can lose your real friends.
  • Do not forget about his personal life, religion, beliefs and friends.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help. Do you need advice or an opinion on celebrity song your fans, wealth and fame do not relieve you of the need for assistance.
  • Evil people likely envy or just want to put you in an awkward position.
  • To be a singer, not have to be handsome, you need to be yourself.
  • If you want to dress shockingly (as Marilyn Manson or Lady Gaga), then be prepared for an honest and rude comments. If you are not confident enough, do not wear such clothes that while in public, wait until you become more famous. Do not dress shockingly only to attract fans. This should be something mean to you.
  • An example is Tiny Tim. If he can do it with what he had, then you should say, "I will never give up!". Tiny Tim has achieved everything because he never gave up. People laughed at him, but he continued to do what he likes, and became famous.


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