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Samples and Samplers

What is it?


In this article, we'll find out what the samples and samplers. Now let's begin...

Samples, what is it? - At the end of the 70's enthusiasts was a unique digital musical instrument that has been implemented and introduced a fundamentally different approach to synthesizing music, which was called "Sampling". The word has the meaning as sampling. Synthesizers, which was implemented in just such a principle called samplers, and their sounds - samples. The very process of recording all the samples referred to as the digitization or sampling.

Any sampler is nothing like an ordinary piece of hardware or software. And in order for it to work, required samples that he can play. But if you have even the most expensive and the best sampler, is always the most important thing - it's your quality and unique samples. Conversely, despite the fact that you are a beginner and do not use the most powerful sampler, all qualitative samples can easily help you transform and significantly enrich the sound of the sampler.

Technique is capable of playing back samples to allow the addition of a very high realism.

This is because the playback apparatus itself operates samples with synthetic or real acoustic sounds of musical instruments. When a sample playback device itself will get the message Note On, then for a place to create a sound - it will play a digital sample, which can contain any real sound - from the piano and ending wolf howl, or the sound of any analog synthesizer, or even any drum machine.

With the samples you can do whatever you want. can leave them as they are and be able t sound sampler voices are absolutely indistinguishable from the tools primary sources. You can expose your samples filtering, modulation effects, or effects, and thus get the most unique and fantastic, unearthly sounds. The most important thing to create high-quality samples. In order to create high-quality samples to work long and attentive. You also need to consider every nuance of sound samples.

A distinctive feature of the samples from the simple and conventional audio is that the very length of their small (although sometimes in different ways). And besides, there is not one kind, and some kinds of samples: the so-called one-time samples such as One-shot samples , which are commonly used to create a unique sound effects or percussion sounds and are usually played once from start to finish (not cyclical) and samples, that is, cyclic loops (Loops samples), which are called loop sampler.  They can mimic the entire vocal instrumental parts, such as the 4-D cycle in the party for percussion instruments.

Samples are commonly used when writing contemporary music. To date, there are a huge number of various samplers, romplerov and similar devices, which greatly optimizes the work with the samples. You can find free and paid quality samples on our website.

It is important to be aware of two important characteristics of samples: resolution, ie The number of bits and the sampling frequency (sampling). The number of bits determines its ability to sample razlichast levels of signal amplitude, a large number of bits produces digitized sound better and more accurately.

The sampling frequency is directly related to the highest frequency that can be reproduced sampled. For example, the sample with a sampling frequency of 40kHz (40.000 Hz) can reproduce sound with frequencies up to 20kHz. This means that the low sampling rate can be used to digitize the bass frequency sounds. While the playback of high-frequency sounds (cymbals, hi-hat, piano) requires a high sample rate.

Another aspect of the module / track - this is the maximum size of the sample to be used in a track. Currently, some editors and trackers support from the minimum 64Kb to virtually unlimited size sample. Of the main characteristics of the trackers can see that in most cases they have limits on the size of the sample, and not the type of modules, which can store data. There is one of the techniques that solve the problem of being unable to use a sample of long - it loop (loop). Well placed on a sample loop can be used to increase the length of the sound sample. If the loop border areas are marked accurately, the "place of gluing" practically unnoticed. Often you can apply the effect sustain.

Sample format is one of the least understood areas of the modules. Especially SAM and SMP. Note that the file extension can be easily changed to any operating system, so it can not serve as a type identifier sample. Therefore, the type of samples to be determined by the sequence of bytes in the header of the sample (in the file). But this is not always possible. SAM and the SMP does not have the title. They are placed only audio data. Using them, the tracker decodes them into 8-bit character data sample. Usually the tone sample and loop information is stored in the module boundaries. the only possibility to exchange samples with loop installations and certain sampling frequency - is to keep them in the module and exchange modules.


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