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A few words about vinthage Soviet synthesizers

alisa soviet synth

Hi dear norCtrack users. Today I decided to talk a bit about the old Soviet synthesizers. Which are still relevant for modern music, especially for electronic music.

Create synthesizers in the Soviet Union, as well as all Musical Products, in my opinion, it was something minor. Large radio factory produces serious products, household appliances, electronic devices, and in parallel, the task of experimental development and release of musical instruments - synthesizers, organs, guitars and so on. Many electronic military factories also engaged in the manufacture of musical instruments (for example, the plant "formant"). Until now, the name of the "ELECTRONIKA" includes a whole range of businesses in different cities that make these organs and synthesizers. Almost every city could produce any radiopredpriyatie some serial or experimental product. And still there are instruments, with unidentified factory marks.

Talk about serious domestic purposes and development of some synthesizers and other electrical equipment I especially do not want to, because in most cases the quality of these devices was not the most pleasurable.

But, on the other hand, engineers, developers have worked in such conditions that put in their place Western counterparts - they are unlikely to have done anything at all!

As for analog synthesizers is domestic production, it has long been recognized that they have a bold, powerful and punchy sound than their foreign counterparts.

And the reason is in the Soviet parts in their unpredictability, discreteness and so on. Talking about the number of different brands of Soviet synthesizers, each time surprising their diversity!

Large plants electromusical smoothly supplied its products to the country. For example, the number of serial production of one of the leaders was the same synthesizer "Polivoks" programming produced by units which reached 20-25 thousand RUB a year. And how many experimental samples! Leaders also sintezatorostroeniya 70-80 years were plants "formant" (Sverdlovsk), "Lel" (Moscow), "Estradin" (Zhytomyr), "Youth" (Moore) and, of course, "Electronics". Almost all of these plants continue their work at the moment.

Each home has its own unique synthesizer features. General synthesis scheme, probably the same everywhere - the oscillator, filter, amplifier, modulation. But it is the detailed design, circuit design, design was unique component of most models.

Many tools have been implemented Soviet boldest ideas developers. The same "Polivoks" has a resonance filter that does not contain a single capacitor.

 Synthesizer "Altair-231" has many individual features, although it is called "Russian Minimoog."

One small generator monophonic synthesizer "Rhythm-2" has such a tight sound that will always betray and trehgeneratorny tool! Thanks to some fortunate combination of the main generator and subgeneratora this model has become very popular among many contemporary musicians.

"Aelita" - no synthesizer in the world has a similar sound (powerful features unison). Of bodies, I would note such models as "Lel-22" (an unusual phase vibrato). Deserves special attention "TOM-1501" - analog synthesizer with orchestral effects (chorus), "Formanta EMC-01" - powerful dvuhmanualny organ synthesizer.


Alice - 1387

alice"Alice-1387" (factory Lyuberetskiy Musical instrument) - melodic synthesizer designed for solo performance in the musical groups, as well as to achieve different effects and synthesized sounds. The tool has a 3-octave keyboard, modulation wheel and controls in the form of buttons and knobs. Consists of synthesizing major blocks: the tone generator, filter, loop filter circuit signal modulation, mixer and output.

Control on the front panel:

Tone Generator-setting; generator 1 3 waveform duty cycle, PWM, portamento (inc) Register: sub-harmonic, 32 ', 16', 8 'alternator 2 vkl.sinhr interval, the waveform (direct, sawtooth)

  • Mixer - Generator 1 (level); generator 2 (level), noise (level)
  • Filter - cutoff, resonance, vibration, pursuit
  • Circuit filter - an attack; attenuation; amplitude + incl.
  • Circuit signal - attack; attenuation; support (on); recession
  • Modulation - temp; vkl.formy wave; Switching. generator / filter, depth (wheel)
  • Exit - the overall level, incl. Release

The back panel connectors:

  • output linear
  • Network (ON)
  • network connector
  • External Trigger - generator, output, input, incl.
  • Front - headphone output

Altair Estradin - 231

Altair-231 Monophonic synthesizer Altair-231 (factory Estradin Zhytomyr) is designed to reproduce the sounds of different nature - from the imitation of natural sounds of instruments to produce complex synthesized electronic sounds, effects, percussion sounds etc. The synthesizer has a 4-octave keyboard, pitch wheel control, parameter controls on the front panel, access to telephones, pedal input. Consists of four main blocks of synthesizing sound - Generators, Mixer, Filter, Circuit. The synthesis is based on the portion 3 of the master oscillator, each with independent parameters registers, the waveform of the modulation frequency. There is a generator of white and pink noise. Low-pass filter with the main parameters allows tracking of the keyboard. Synthesizer includes portamento function with adjustable speed. To configure the system tool is the inclusion tone 440Hz. Line input is provided for connecting an external audio source via Altair-231. Inputs and outputs are 1/4 jacks.

Electronic music synthesizer "Aelita" (Murom plant RIP)

AelitaThree-part electronic synthesizer keyboard "Aelita" - a modern musical instrument. Musical works, performances on "Aelita" may sound differently, if the contractor uses a variety of sound effects: three-part unison timbre glissando, frequency vibrato, timbre tremolo, decay, attack, Strings (string group). You can change the character of the sound directly at runtime, as well as the tone: just turn the handle or touch the control buttons. In the performance of a musical work to "Aelita", you can record on a tape recorder, listen to "game over artist" headphones. The tool can also be used as a musician.

Elegant tool body made of aluminum alloy, imitation leather pasted over, by moving the instrument reliably protected lightweight and durable carrying case.


MaestroMusical instrument Keyboard ( Kami ) "Maestro" is a portable four-part polyphonic synthesizer with microprocessor control ( KR580 ), and pre-programmed voices (" presets "). Number of presets - 20. The tool has a receiving device frequency vibrato with adjustable depth and frequency, the effect of " choir " with variable depth controlled filter with adjustable cutoff frequency and resonance. Also present device " arpeggio - tremolo " variable speed device " joystick " allows to shift system and control the depth of the vibrato.


  • Supply voltage, V 220
  • Power Consumption * And no more than 25
  • Operating temperature, 15-35 C
  • Relative frequency offset generator% for 4 hours ± 0,3
  • Full muses. range overlapped generators, 43.6 Hz - 5274
  • The greatest number of simultaneously sounding voices 4
  • DB dynamic range is not less than 55
  • Set weight, 15 kg

Formants EMC - 01

EMC - 01Combined Musical instrument "formants EMC - 01" combines two tools: polyphonic and monophonic synthesizer organ. Designed to perform any genre of music, as well as to produce various sound effects when dubbing films, performances, recording in the studio. The organ has a keyboard volume five octaves, six fixed sound timbres, frequency vibrato with adjustable delay vibrato adjustment damping stereofayzer (is a common part for organ and synthesizer). The delay vibrato each subsequent time starts only after the release earlier keystrokes. When playing "legato" vibrato delay circuit does not start.

The synthesizer has:

keyboard - 3 octaves ; modulator that modulates the voltage which is applied to a frequency modulator (FM) , latitudinal modulator (CMM) , filter, amplitude modulator ( power ); Generator Generator 1 2 - wideband oscillators with different waveforms ; mixer for summing signals from oscillator 1 , oscillator 2 , a noise generator , an external source, the ring - modulator ; filter for dynamic and static changes in the spectrum of the total signal output from the mixer ; amplifier to make the sound characteristics peculiar to different envelope signal; Visual separation of the Digital Keyboard to the above components, their mutual arrangement facilitates orientation in the recruitment of a tone.

In addition, the synthesizer is capable of controlling other same synthesizer. To do this via a connecting cable, soldered according to the wiring diagram connectors control input and control output (Annex 3), connect the control input to the control synthesizer control output connector managed and controlled synthesizer synthesizer press "КОНТР". In this control panel is disconnected from the synthesizer managed your keyboard connects to the keyboard and synthesizer control, ie one musician have at our disposal - two identical control panel with a single keyboard, therefore, two fully parallel synthesis channel that will expand your chances of making the sounds many times.

The instrument provides the ability to connect stereo headphones, and the regulation of the volume pedal tool from maximum to zero, all outputs instrument, the signal does not change on the phones, which allows pre-control tone telephones through before feeding the signal to the power amplifiers. When you turn on the channel PHASER synthesizer or organ on the nests STEREO A and STEREO P can get a stereo signal. When disconnecting PHASER in both channels will be delivered to MONO.

Electronics EM-25 (ELEKTRONIKA EM-25)

ELEKTRONIKA EM-25Synthesizer-Strings "Electronics EM-25" has 3 sections Voices Strings-basses, cello, violin, organ-registers (16 '"," 8' "," 4 "," "2 '"), wind-trombones, tube.  Section Strings and body are:  polyphonic attack and fall of the sound with adjustable duration  mode switching recession: layering and layering without reverberation.

Wind section has:  envelope generator with regulators attack, decay, SUPPORT, DECAY  modulator with speed control, Delay, Vibrato  controllable filter envelope with regulators, modulators, SHEAR, ACCENT  mode switching filter start - polyphonic or monophonic.

Ability to split into two parts, with the installation of different timbre.



Estradin-230Monophonic synthesizer "Estradin-230" (ON <Elektroizmeritel> Zhytomyr) contains four main sources of sound - three tone generator and the source of the noise, allows the connection of an external source (electric, electronic). Lowpass filter synthesizer designed to vary the harmonic content of audio signals in the mode of self-excitation plays a role of an additional, fifth source. It is possible to control the parameters of the formation of transient sounds like attack, decay and support. Provided the effect of the sliding transition from one sound to another.

The tool has a memory device, you can store your sound tone when your finger keys, as well as device glissandi (pitch-Band) modulation mixer, filter controlled from the keyboard.

Frequency range of the instrument 1:20000 Hz. To configure an internal tone generator <A> (440Hz)


junost75junost-75 (Youth-75) is a portable transistor vociferous EMR.  junost75 - a tool mnogotembralny. Timbre can be varied as desired artist and depending on the nature of musical works using pens and mouse control sound synthesis. In this sound mixing one or more other octave. Mixing allows you to change timbre within wide limits and achieve specific genre of sounds ranging from pop, folk music to sound body.

"junost75" allows you to quickly (at runtime) to change the character of the sound, using effects: frequency vibrato, timbre vibrato, percussion timbre, imitation drum and brushes, timbre glissando. "junost-75" is a tool for public use in the home, and in music ensembles. It can be an accompanying or soloing, at the request of the performer.

In "junost-75" provides an opportunity bezmikrofonnoy recording and listening to the game "by artist" using headphones. Adjusting the volume carried by foot pedal. The tool is designed in a metal housing made of light alloys.

In front of the housing bottom are removable straps, which provide access for core configuration generators. At the bottom of the case there is a tool output cord from the AC mains frequency of 50 Hz, voltage 127/220 V voltage selector switch with fuse, jack and volume control pedal jacks 1, 2, 3: 12 (generator output).

  • Number of octaves on the keyboard - 5
  • Number of octaves in sound range - 6
  • The range of sounds to the great octave (65 Hz) to the fourth octave SI (3951 Hz).
  • Number of registers sound synthesis - 4
  • Nominal output voltage at the load of 100 ohms at least 0.1 V.
  • The power consumed by the network, no more than 40 watts.

Power supply circuit generating stabilized bases and provides a constant voltage with voltage variation in the AC within 10% of nominal.  Dimensions tool no more than 980 x 520 x 220 mm, height with legs not more than 855 mm. Note. Height of instrument without music rest. Weight without packaging and tool box not more than 40 kg with packaging and carrying case not more than 55 kg.  Knobs - 7 pieces, mouse control - 15 pieces and 2 buttons enable control drum and brush.


junost1132Portable keyboard electronic musical instrument - Junost-1132 imititruet sound of wind and string instruments and can be used as a musician . It provides the following sound effects : vibrato frequency continuously adjustable in depth and frequency percussion with stepless level phaser with fixed switching and continuously variable phase shift . The instrument provides a range of musical tuning , transpose the music system by one octave , fixed switch voices and sound effects , smooth control volume headphones.

The number of octaves in the musical range - 8  on the keyboard - 5,  the number of registers of sound synthesis - 6  nominal output voltage - 1B  power consumed by the network - 35 W  Dimensions (without base) - 865h420h125 mm  weight - 22 kg.

Vilnius - 3

Vilnius - 3"Vilnius - 3" is a polyphonic odnomanualny EMR with external amplifier and an acoustic device . Volume 5 octave keyboard ( two octaves belong Accompanying parts) . Sound character - organ and percussion with adjustable duration of the attack. Number of registers continuously adjustable : for the melodic part - 6, and Accompanying - 3; registers with a fixed organ sound - 6 , percussion - 4. The tool has a unit amplitude , frequency and timbre vibrato. Frequency vibrato - infinitely adjustable to three octaves higher ; REPIT continuously adjustable within 2:15 Hz. There are also simulate the effect of brushes , reverb, sustain.

Lel - 22

lel22"Lel - 22" - compact portable EMP reproduces voices of different instruments: electric piano, harpsichord, classical and pop organ, banjo. Portable, easy to operate, practical, inexpensive, has great music capabilities tool can be used in professional and amateur ensembles in schools and for domestic music-making.

octave - 4 octaves.  Variable Registers - 8 ', 4', 2 '(1), 2' (2).  Adjustable effects - phase vibrato, attack, sustain, glissando.  Glide smoothly slipping allows for musical octave range, thus becoming registers 16 ', 8', 4 '(1) and 4' (2). Variations attack, sustain possible to obtain sound: electric piano, organ, harpsichord, celesta, banjo.

Elektronika EM-15

Elektronika EM-15Electronic musical instrument PMM "Elektronika EM-15" (at the Institute of Plant "Venta" Vilnius) - odnomanualny, pyatioktavny, polyphonic, portable instrument. Designed to perform pop and classical pieces as a solo or accompanying instrument composed of professional and amateur ensembles, as well as at home.

PMM is a body part guard device.

The instrument provides:  high frequency stability of the master oscillator, through the use of a quartz-locked loop  minimum error of the scale intervals are relatively evenly tempered musical scale,  opportunity to shift the whole structure of the instrument to + 1/4 tone  rich timbre of sound can be switched to the organ sound on percussion.

The tool simulates the sound perfectly natural piano. The tool has an adjustable effect <flanger> conferring properties of the spatial sound of the instrument and simulates the rotation of the sound source in space. The tool allows you to quickly change during the execution of sound character, using various effects.


tom1501"Tom -1501" - (Tula association for the production of musical instruments "Melody") - an electronic musical instrument with orchestral effect portable type, assembled on semiconductor devices are intended for solo performance of music of any genre and accompany the ensemble.

Tom EMP-1501 is a keyboard instrument odnomanualny imitating the sound of the piano, harpsichord, orchestra Bowing group consisting of violins, violas, bass, brass instruments)

The tool consists of the following units:

  • oscillator
  • twelve manipulators
  • infralow frequency generator
  • delay Line
  • Breaststroke filter
  • filter unit
  • Amplifier output
  • PSU
  • volume Pedal
  • sustain Pedal

Forming is carried out on all tones of one master oscillator that excludes the possibility of detuning tool during its operation. Basis tembroobrazovaniya synthesis tool is 6 registers left and right 5 registers of the keyboard parts. Tom-1501 allows you to quickly change during the execution of sound character, using effects: sustain, vibrato, chorus.


SolarisEMP "Solaris" (Estradin -314) - polyphonic body has clear sound, allows us to achieve both very soft and very sonorous tones. It has 49 keys, 5 registers with transitions 1 ', 2', 2 1/2 ', 4', 8 ', function glissando - has: the descent 2 octaves down (compensates the lack of a second manual) has a range of adjustment-1 5 tones. Brilliance - function improves the overall brightness of the sound in all registers, operates independently of the other settings. Filter sliders meet the following standards:

 - envelope

 - cutoff

 - resonance

 - attack, decay, pedestal, poslezvuchanie

Functions vibrato oscillation frequency modulated tone (frequency) and envelope (timbre).  Pedal - volume. Output - Line 0ut

To further synthesizer produced iron stand with the inscription "Estradin" (like Vermona)  Year: 1989


 Scherzo-204Digital Musical instrument Scherzo-204 keyboard imeeet 4.5 octaves, built-in speaker, 8 preset sounds, 8 rhythms with the ability to adjust the tempo, volume. It is possible to connect a volume pedal and sustain, to fine-tune the sound, headphone output.

Parameters panel:

 - Volume level sounds

 - Chords: incl., Accompaniment volume.

 - Rhythms: Salsa, Swing, Foxtrot, Disco, Tango, Bossa Nova, Rock, Reggae.

- Pause sinhrostart, start, loudly. rhythm, tempo.

 - Connectors: access to phone lin.vyhod, vh.pedal, damper, as well as buttons and trim system incl. / Off. phones

"Museum of Soviet synthesizers" - Russia's only resource of this level - and execution. This is a true virtual museum, filled with pictures and descriptions of Soviet musical analogue techniques, not only synthesizers and organs, but also rhythm boxes (what is now commonly called a "drum machines"), percussion modules and even such exotics as electronic accordion "Orion".


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