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Yamaha PSR-2000 SoundFont SF2

yamaha psr 2100

In this free soundfont collection includes some sounds of good workstation keyboard Yamaha PSR-2000 in format SoundFont SF2. These patches included a series of PSR-S (S-600, S-900 ...and so on...). Do not look at a small file size. Sounds realy high quality sampled and looped and therefore take up very little space. Enjoy with this free soundfont.


korg 01w

Korg 01/W - Free SoundFont SF2

KORG 01/W is a workstation keyboard, which was first put into production in 1991, replacing a popular instrument Korg M1. This keyboard, which continued the traditional «KORG» sound, come down to our days as a series of «Triton» and «Oasys» etc.... This keyboard was produced until 1995.


roland jd 990 sf2

Roland JD-990 SoundFont SF2

Module Roland JD-990 has been improved modification of the model JD-800. Was released in 1993 and has had some success with the DJ's.


free sf2

Roland JV-2080 - Free SoundFont SF2

Finally, after long and arduous labors created the high quality sound banks of Roland JV-2080 Module in format SoundFont SF2. Enjoy with free sf2 sounds.


yamaha synth

Yamaha FS1-R - Free SoundFont SF2

We present you the new and unique free soundfont collection! This module was first released in 1998. Samples in format SoundFont SF2 of the unique vintage synthesizer YAMAHA FS1-R, carefully mounted in a sound bank!