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MIDI Files is already DONE

Buy It Now!

Dear vst-store.com Members, we are really pleased to inform you, that very soon we will present you our new product: MIDI File Collection. Our MIDI Files Collection will be on sale within a next few days.

In this MIDI Collection included a huge database of MIDI files, and all popular genres, such us - rock, pop, metal, electronic, classical and so on..., and it has midi drum loops in various genres, melodic patterns - everything you need as a beginner musician, and professional arranger and composer. This collection will help you make a more flexible arrangement.

Separate folders by alphabetically A-Z and numbers 0-9 and so on....
Soon we will inform our customer as soon as our product MIDI FILES COLLECTION will be on sale.

Price of this product will be available to all.

To get more info about midi, you can read our Blog. There's all described in detail what is midi, what does it do, and so on...

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