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Yamaha DX7 Kontakt Instrument


DX-7 Kontakt Instruments is already DONE

Buy Yamaha DX7 NKI NOW

This is one of the most popular digital vintage synthesizer 80's. One of the best selling models in the history of synthesizers. This synthesizer has been used all the world stars in their compositions and in the concerts. This instrument was named "FM-synthesis" Also  this instrument widely used in the Soviet pop music 80's.

Now we have created sample sounds of Yamaha DX7 in format Kontakt NKI for you. In this collection included all sounds of this instrument, also sampled expansion card. Soon Yamaha DX7 Kontakt Instrument will be in sale on vst-store.com.


+2 #1 Studiostriver 2013-08-07 05:28
Oh,i sincerely hope it will be sampled in HQ 24/48khz?Every company so far made 16/44 which is pretty shame for this legendary keyboard.

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