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Our website has been updated

13-Nov 2014

Good news for our visitors! We made some good changes on our website vst-store.com. As always, we actively working on our website to improve the quality and functionality. Also we are always looking for ways to make using of the site easier for you!

We understand the importance of website usability for ordinary users, that's why we always follow our customers requests and making sometimes changes. We will always inform our valued customers about the changes on our website. if you have other suggestions, we kindly consider your proposal. You can always submit your request here...

So, here is a list of changes on vst-store.com (13.11.2014):

  • On the home page we have added new module "Latest News". Here we show all latest news.
  • Changed "Contact Form" of our website. Now you can easly contact us for specific goals.
  • Now you can download free sounds such as: Free SoundFonts, Free Kontakt Instruments, Free Reason ReFills etc... by direct links instead of redirect to another web page.
  • We have get lot of request, that purchasing process at our website very difficult! That's why we have changed the ordering process. Now it is very easy to choose your country and payment methods on your cart page. You can even order sounds without registration. just click buy it now button i  product page you need to buy, fill out the form and complete payment....
  • Now you can download absolutely all our sample sounds after purchasing.
  • We have created new page where you can Order Recording Studio Works online. Get more info here...
  • Added tags on some pages.
  • Changed the Coupone Code Box on cart page. Now the box is bigger than before.
  • Added DOWNLOAD NOW button in the free downloadable sounds pages.
  • Maked some changes on CSS codes + added new nice classes.
  • We removed ads on Cart Page.
  • Fixed some other bugs