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norCtrack Bought a New Land

norCtrack Studio

norCtrack bought a new land in the new district "Green Field-3". During the 2015-2016 years, we will build our new office and studio.


norCtrack Accept Studio Works Online

order your music, brand music (logo music), arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering right here...


From 2009 the norCtrack Recording Studio starts accepting the studio works from famous artists and also has cooperated with different companies so far. norCtrack  has makes Arrangement, Recording, Mixing, Mastering as well as the work of composers and makes Logo Music (Band Music), Soundtracks for Films and other video materials and more.... This means that norCtrack's do all needs for modern musicians and producers.


norCtrack Studio Equipments

Here are listed the technique we using in our studio


norCtrack Studio Cooperating with Violinist Samvino

Самвел Айрапетян

Recently we have started to work with violinist "Samvino". He is a renowned violinist who lives in Russia, In the Krasnodar city. Now norCtrack Studio team and Violinist Samvino (Samvel Hayrapetyan) working on a new project. He's going to release a new instrumental album, which will include a variety of music.


norCtrack Studio and Compogy

norctrack and compogy studios

Now our company "norCtrack" started cooperation with "Compogy" studio. We're going to make a great surprise with Compogy for our customers. We started our project with Coppogy in late 2012. Very soon we will inform you of new products, which we do with the company "Compogy". I'm sure, many people ask will question: What is this product?