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Yamaha Styles for Clavinova CVP Series 220.000 Style Pack


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Yamaha TYROS 2 Kontakt Instrument

Yamaha TYROS 2 Kontakt Instrument

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JV-80 Kontakt Instrument

JV-80 Kontakt Instrument

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license and Purchase Condition

Please read the terms of the following licence
 agreement before you purchase our products!!!

  • Purchasing or downloading our products, you hereby agree to use our products for personal creativity, and you automatically agree to NOT copy or upload our files on any other sites, forums, portals, communities, sharings,  internet shops, auctions, Market plance, donate other,  etc..... without our permission.
  •  Our products are manufactured by us and our hands. The sound samples recorded on our products remain the property of norCtrack studio vst-store.
  • All lending, renting, copying, duplicating, trading or reselling of our products or its contents (also
     modified contents) is strictly prohibited. In effect, any such action is piracy, is therefore illegal, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • If you do not agree to this agreement, we kindly ask you to off our site and go purchase or download the other samples to other Internet resources
  • Nobody except us has right to re-sell our product at the moment.
  • Please note, that we do not allow any type of dropshiping orders.  This means, that you can not order any norCtrack products and re-sell it or even we do ot allow  give it for free or for paid after purchasing for your customer.. Every norCtrack products can be used only for personal use and for personal creativity on 1 (one) computer..Example: make music, play music etc.... If you have any question , please contact us.
  • Copyright norCtrack Studio and vst-store.com products All Rights Reserved.

   Please note: Since we introduced a custom our products, each one contains its own particular infomation not only to protect but also to address the infringement of its rights. Some information is encrypted and buried in some points.
   Our company "norCtrack" IE  regularly monitors the Internet, including auction, BBS including major torrent sites, in order to address the infringement of its rights. The right to use enclosed sounds is granted to the original end-user of the product
and is NOT transferable - this means you cannot sell any discs second hand. Buy the  same logic you cannot use any sounds from second hand products legally in productions.
   If you run a commercial studio and offer our sounds to a number of clients, then you are required to have a Multi User License. Contact us for more info.
What you CAN and CANNOT do with the contents of our libraries:

  1. You can use them in any type of music production, for example: making records,  remixes, commercials, jingles, commissioned pieces, soundtracks for film, theatre, musicals, computer games, multimedia etc... You may modify the sounds.  
  2. They can NOT be used for making sounds that will be sold as other Sampling products.

Please be advised that norCtrack values its intellectual property and takes its protection seriously.  Any auctions, or offers for sale, that infringe upon, or  violate our rights, will be pursued. Please contact the undersigned for further  discussion of this matter.   


Our company «norCtrack Studio» wishes you great creativity!