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norCtrack Studio and Compogy

norctrack and compogy studios

Now our company "norCtrack" started cooperation with "Compogy" studio. We're going to make a great surprise with Compogy for our customers. We started our project with Coppogy in late 2012. Very soon we will inform you of new products, which we do with the company "Compogy". I'm sure, many people ask will question: What is this product?

I can not answer this question in detail, and then it it will be a surprise for our customers. Do not get upset dear customers, I'll say a word, it is a product for the musicians, who make your job easier. The rest you know then when the product is will ready for sale. You can always follow the news of our company norCtrack, to get more info......As soon as we have any news, we will kindly let you know at once. Enjoy your creativity with vst-store.com