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Armenian DHOL Percussion WAV LOOPS

Armenian DHOL Percussion WAV LOOPS Sound Samples ethno drums | DOWNLOAD
Armenian Dhol WAV Loops - Percussion Loops
Sales price: $14.99
Manufacturer: norCtrack

Overview and Features

norCtrack Armenian DHOL

Percussion - WAV LOOPS Sound Samples

armenian dhol

Year of release:
Manufacturer: norCtrack Studio | vst-store.com
Quality: stereo | 16 bits | 44100kHz and | 24 bits | 48.000kHz
Format: Wav

Tape: Loops
Size: 2.80 GB

 The Sample LOOPS in format WAV 44.100 hz/16Bit , also some files in format 48.000 hz/24Bit . Excellent sounds samples for arrangers. You can use the sound LOOPS in format WAV ARMENIAN DHOL on your music. It is not necessary to write Armenian music to add to the arrangement Armenian Dhol, You can use these sounds in different genres of music. For exampe: HIP-HOP, R&B, HOUSE , POP And so on....
These sounds are for those who do not like a standard music, for those who want to do something new in its composition! I think that sometimes one wants to create something non-standard, to distinguish it from other musicians.
The Sounds are made in our professional studio "norCtrack"  in Armenia.  
You can use these sounds as professional purposes, and in the amateur to.

What is the Dholl?
This is a Armenian folk drum (percussion)  musical  instrument!




Categories List

In complate set included over 350 WAV LOOPS with Armenian Dhol

  • Armenian 6/8 Loops
  • Armenian Sheram Loops
  • Armenian Rumba Loops



  • For sell only Armenian Dhol Percussion sounds in Format WAV
  • Not the Keyboard!!!
  • The box is not included!!!

Software requirements: UNIVERSAL
Recomended Hard disc space: 3GB free space, to use full collection.


Free Demo

REQUEST FREE DEMO SOUNDS of norCtrack - Armenian DHOL Percussion WAV

We are pleased to present you the some free demo files of norCtrack Armenian Dhol Perc.WAV Sample Sounds. Now our customers can download free demo sounds in format WAV on at  online store vst-store.com. You can check this sounds, before buying full version. Please read our license agreement before using norCtrack (vst-store.com) products.

Request Free Demo Sounds NOW!