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Changes on vst-store.com 2013-11-14

norCtrack respect his visitors. That's why every time we think of something new, to make use of vst-store.com convenient and simple. 

That's what we changed:

  • We made the search much more convenient for you. Now you can see the pictures of products and articles when you write search word and press enter.
  • In several sections of the site, we have added "Blog Calendar" module. This means that now you can find any article by date more easily than ever before.
  • Previously, our site was not available in some countries due to system errors. Now it's fixed, and you can use the website completely mash from any place of the world.
  • Changed some URL's on website

We take care of that for you is comfortable on our website.

Good Luck!

And thank you for choosing vst-store.com