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Changes on vst-store.com

Many people have noticed that recently on vst-store.com has been some changes. We also turned off the forum and language translator module. 

In order to translate the language of the vst-store.com to your language, we strongly recommend using one of the best browsers "Google Chrome", that allows you to translate site language to almost any language.

So at the moment we are working on the website and we will do some more changes. But you can use our website fully without any problem. From time to time we will be adding new modules and components, that will only facilitate the using our website. Also, we will change the design of the site, but not completely. We kindly inform you of any changes. This means that you can safely contact us and tell us what changes you would like to see on our website.Your opinion is very important to us.

in order to learn about the changes of vst-store.com, please click Website News section. If you notice an error on our website or want to change something, please contact us, and we kindly consider your opinion.

We hope that you enjoy the new changes our website.

Created Date: 2013-04-10 17:52:11