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Yamaha Styles PSR , PSR-S, Tyros, CVP, Genos 220.000 Style Pack

Huge Collection OVER 220.000 YAMAHA STYLES for PSR 640 740 1000 1100 1500 2000 2100 3000 s550 s550b s650 s700 s710 s900 s910 s650 s950 s970 OR700 A1000 Tyros1 Tyros2 Tyros3 Tyros4 Tyros5 Genos and so on....
Yamaha Styles
Sales price: $45.00
Manufacturer: norCtrack

Overview and Features

UNIVERSAL Yamaha Style Collection
for any models Yamaha PSR, PSR-S, Tyros, CVP, Genos
Over 220.000 Style Pack

A huge STYLE collection for the your YAMAHA ARRANGER WORKSTATIONS!!!
STYLES For the YAMAHA psr540, psr640, psr740, psr1000, psr1100, psr1500, psr2000, psr2100, psr3000, psr8000, psr9000, psr-s500, psr-s550b, psr s650, psr-s700, psr-s710, psr-s900, psr-s910, psr-s650 psr-s950, psr-s970 TYROS 1, TYROS 2, TYROS 3, TYROS 4, TYROS 5, Genos CVP-305, CVP-307, CVP-309, CVP-405, CVP-407, CVP-409, CVP 503, CVP 505, CVP 509, CVP and More.... on the 3 DVD DISCS!!! In the collection OVER 220.000 different STYLES.
Complete Styles: With Intros/Mains/Fills/Endings!!!

Style List

    • Pop
    • Rock
    • Swing and Jazz
    • Blues
    • Latin
    • BALLAD
    • Dance
    • Hip-Hop
    • R&B
    • Christmas
    • Global Song Styles
    • Modern Song Styles
    • Country
    • Ballroom
    • Movie&Entertainer
    • Waltz
    • World
    • Armenian
    • Arabian
    • Turkish
    • Moldovian
    • Georgian
    • Russian
    • Greek
    • Indian (Tabla styles)












Yamaha Styles


Free Demo

REQUEST FREE DEMO styles of Yamaha UNIVERSAL Styles Collection

We are pleased to present you the some free demo styles of Yamaha. Now our customers can download free demo styles on our online store vst-store.com. You can check this styles on your keyboard, before buying full version. Please read our license agreement before using norCtrack (vst-store.com) products.

Please do not forgot tell us your keyboard model to request free demo styles.
(For Example: Yamaha PSR S-910)

Request Free Demo Styles Now!