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Become a singer? - EASY!

some tips

You want to become a singer and have a world name? There is no definite way to glory, but here are some tips that you can do in that direction.


Polyvox / Polivoks


Today we talk about one of the best vintage soviet synth POLIVOX. "Polivoks" is a portable Musical synthesizer designed for the execution of any genre of music, as well as to produce various sound effects when exposed to sound films, performances, recording in the studio. Keyboard synthesizer has four octaves.


Mono or Stereo


And again, I want to touch on one of the questions inquiring minds disturbing beginners, and not only, arrangers and sound engineers.The question of how to record synthesizers, drum machines, samplers to create arrangements - in mono or stereo mode.



What is the Rhythm?


You ever tried to explain to a blind person what a "green"? Of course, I have not tried, and frankly, I hope that I never in my life do not have to try. There are some things that we really do not think, for us they are natural level of unconditioned reflexes.

Few of us know how to get into someone else's skin and look the part, how an outsider perceives our words others, his own ears. His brain, his knowledge. It was a small lyrical introduction. It prompted me understanding that when you, as a musician, you share with a person untrained musical knowledge, it is not always well understood, what you're saying.


Kontakt Library

Why Kontakt Instruments instead VSTi

kontakt libraries

In a previous article I talked about Native Instruments Kontakt. Today I will talk a little about the Kontakt Libraries. To be honest, I've been thinking whether to talk about this topic or not. But still I decided to tell you about Kontakt Instruments.

I know that many of you are well acquainted with this wonderful tool. But I'm also sure that there are many young musicians, are still searching good tools to create music on computer.