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January 2015

25 January 2015

ENIGMA Flute (soon)

ENIGMA Flute (soon)

ENIGMA Shakuhachi Virtual Instrument

enigma flute

After lot of customers requests, norCtrack detected to create sounds of ENIGMA Shakuhachi. Shakuhachi is Japanese Flute. This instrument used Enigma in 90's.

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22 January 2015

Korg Kronos Kontakt Instrument Released

New Sounds norCtrack KRONOS Kontakt Instrument Released

NEW Product 2015 Oct.

Kronos VST Instrument

norCtrack Studio are pleased to inform you that the long-awaited kontakt Instrument "Korg Kronos NKI" is ready for sale.
The virtual instrument Korg Kronos has a professional quality sounds, top NI kontakt interface (Kontakt GUI) and more more...

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02 January 2015

We bought a new land

norCtrack Bought a New Land

norCtrack Studio

norCtrack bought a new land in the new district "Green Field-3". During the 2015-2016 years, we will build our new office and studio.

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01 January 2015

Happy New 2015 Year

Happy New 2015 Year and Merry Christmas

norCtrack Studio and vst-store.com wishes you a Happy New Year!

We sincerely wish you good luck in 2015, optimism, bright meetings, creative achievements in music, memorable experiences and fulfillment of all desires. May there always be there for you favorite and native people, true friends who will always help you in all your endeavors.

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