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25 December 2014

Musical Instruments & DJ Equipment Gear

Buy Musical Instruments & DJ Equipment Gear on vst-store.com

 dj equipment

Good News to norCtrack USERS. We have opened our new online store! Now you can buy Musical Instruments, DJ Equipment, Pro Audio Equipment, Vintage Musical instruments and more on: vst-store.com

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17 November 2014

Our eBay Store re-opened 15.11.2014

Our eBay Store has been re-opened

To our eBay customers!

Dear eBay customers, we kindly inform you that our eBay store "vst-store" has been re-opened from 15-Nov 2014 as we promised.

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13 November 2014

Website Updates 13.11.2014

Our website has been updated

13-Nov 2014

Good news for our visitors! We made some good changes on our website vst-store.com. As always, we actively working on our website to improve the quality and functionality. Also we are always looking for ways to make using of the site easier for you!

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01 November 2014

How to Become a Famous Singer

Become a singer? - EASY!

some tips

You want to become a singer and have a world name? There is no definite way to glory, but here are some tips that you can do in that direction.

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26 October 2014


Polyvox / Polivoks


Today we talk about one of the best vintage soviet synth POLIVOX. "Polivoks" is a portable Musical synthesizer designed for the execution of any genre of music, as well as to produce various sound effects when exposed to sound films, performances, recording in the studio. Keyboard synthesizer has four octaves.

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22 October 2014

Online Recording Studio

norCtrack Accept Studio Works Online

order your music, brand music (logo music), arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering right here...


From 2009 the norCtrack Recording Studio starts accepting the studio works from famous artists and also has cooperated with different companies so far. norCtrack  has makes Arrangement, Recording, Mixing, Mastering as well as the work of composers and makes Logo Music (Band Music), Soundtracks for Films and other video materials and more.... This means that norCtrack's do all needs for modern musicians and producers.

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18 October 2014

norCtrack on BONANZA

norCtrack opened new store on BONANZA marketplace

Good news for our customers! norCtrack opened new store on Bonanza Marketplace. Our products available also on bonanza.

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Our eBay store temporarily closed

Our eBay store temporarily closed

To our eBay customers

Dear eBay customers, unfortunately we inform you that our eBay store "vst-store" temporarily closed. We investigate the cause of the closingof of our ebay store.

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20 September 2014

Our Equipments

norCtrack Studio Equipments

Here are listed the technique we using in our studio

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30 July 2014

Mono or Stereo

Mono or Stereo


And again, I want to touch on one of the questions inquiring minds disturbing beginners, and not only, arrangers and sound engineers.The question of how to record synthesizers, drum machines, samplers to create arrangements - in mono or stereo mode.

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