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28 December 2013

Buss Compression

Buss Compression

Buss Compression

Compression can be very difficult for you to understand the topic. Given that the market is now hundreds, if not thousands of different compressors, flour choice out of all this diversity, often able to stall novice sound engineers and producers. One of the most confusing and sparse side compression is Buss Compression. In this article I will try to shed some light on this subject, and dismantle its pros and cons.

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We increased the size of downloadable sounds

Download sounds with big size

In order to make our customers feel comfortable, we continually monitor and update our website and service.

This time we made a very important change - At the request of many customers, we have increased the size of the downloadable files.

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25 December 2013

Merry Christmas 2014

Happy new 2014 year and Merry Christmas

Dear partners, customers and friends!

Please accept our sincere congratulations, Happy New 2014 Year nad Merry Christmas.

norCtrack Studio express our sincere gratitude for fruitful cooperation during this year. We believe that a business relationship that has developed between us, will last for many future years and will help us all to achieve success and prosperity!

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15 December 2013

Soviet Analog Synth

A few words about vinthage Soviet synthesizers

alisa soviet synth

Hi dear norCtrack users. Today I decided to talk a bit about the old Soviet synthesizers. Which are still relevant for modern music, especially for electronic music.

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History of synthesizers

History of synthesizers

vinthage synth

Today we will talk about the history of the main, perhaps, modern musical instruments, tools, committed in the last century created a furor, tools, without which we would not know such thing as electronic music. We'll talk about those instruments that we all constantly use in our music experiments, when working on any track.

Buy vintage synth online...

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Frequency Modulation

Frequency Modulation - FM


Frequency Modulation, FM-synthesis - this type of synthesis, in which the tone is formed by the influence of one simple wave to another in order to change its frequency. Under the influence of frequency modulation spectral occur more rich and complex sounds that can not get with other types of synthesis.

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13 December 2013

5000 Facebook Likes

5000 Facebook Likes

facebook likes

We have reached 5000+ likes on our Facebook Page. Thank you all for staying with us. Also We have 700+ Twitter Followers, 1300+ Ebay Positive Feedbacks etc...

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12 December 2013

How to assemble a home studio

How to assemble a home studio

home studio

Today, a lot of musicians want to have own home studio. And today our topic will focus on the home studio. I think it's pretty cool to have own studio, and to engage their creativity at home - for example make music, rec. your vocal or mix your own music, etc...

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02 December 2013


Equalizers - EQ


Hi dear norCtrack users. Today we will talk about a very important tool - Equalizers
Equalizer - a tool with which you can work on part of the spectrum of sound, leaving the other components of the spectrum intact.

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28 November 2013


Мixing Мusic


Perhaps mixing music - one the most sensitive issues related to the musical production. First, because a single recipe, how to make mix does not exist. Ultimately, the result largely depends not on the methods and algorithms, and the approach of a particular specialist, which makes this reduction. From his artistic vision result from his tastes and preferences.

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