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November 2014

17 November 2014

Our eBay Store re-opened 15.11.2014

Our eBay Store has been re-opened

To our eBay customers!

Dear eBay customers, we kindly inform you that our eBay store "vst-store" has been re-opened from 15-Nov 2014 as we promised.

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13 November 2014

Website Updates 13.11.2014

Our website has been updated

13-Nov 2014

Good news for our visitors! We made some good changes on our website vst-store.com. As always, we actively working on our website to improve the quality and functionality. Also we are always looking for ways to make using of the site easier for you!

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01 November 2014

How to Become a Famous Singer

Become a singer? - EASY!

some tips

You want to become a singer and have a world name? There is no definite way to glory, but here are some tips that you can do in that direction.

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