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February 2014

26 February 2014

What is a loop

What is a loops


A lot of young musicians often ask me: what is a loop ? This is the most popular request freshman making the first steps into music on computer.

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15 February 2014

Аrrangement of Мusic

Arrangement and its Features

make music

Yes! There is a topic about which we can talk long and hard, and at the end of the conversation did not budge an inch. The question of how to make an arrangement puts in a hopeless impasse. You begin to ask yourself - how to explain a person how to do it, if work on the arrangement requires not just a bunch of computer software, and not even a studio packed with synthesizers and treatment. it requires something else - the taste, knowledge, hearing, musical baggage, experience and so on... Well, of course, a decent room, adequate control and quality environment for recording important too.

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09 February 2014

Tyros 2 Kontakt Instrument Released

New Sounds norCtrack TYROS 2 Kontakt Instrument Released

NEW Product 2014 February

tyros 2 kontakt instrument

long-awaited Tyros 2 virtual instrument released. This kontakt instrument a whole new level in modern music. We have done everything possible to make your job easier with this instrument. Sampled all patches of Tyros2. Created the nice interface - Kontakt GUI. Virtual instrument has many different effects such as reverb, chorus, phaser, filters, eq and so on...

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