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November 2013

28 November 2013


Мixing Мusic


Perhaps mixing music - one the most sensitive issues related to the musical production. First, because a single recipe, how to make mix does not exist. Ultimately, the result largely depends not on the methods and algorithms, and the approach of a particular specialist, which makes this reduction. From his artistic vision result from his tastes and preferences.

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25 November 2013

What studio monitors to choose

How to choose the Studio Monitors


studio monitors

Hello dear norCtrack Users. We have already written an article about Sound Cards. Today we will talk about studio monitors. The studio monitors is a very important part for home and professional studios, without which the studio can not be complete. Typically professional studios has several types of monitors. But enough for the home studio, one or two types.

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A few words about the sounds

A few words about the sound

 nice sounds

Many musicians and engineers, working with DAW Soft and Virtual Instruments, very often try to create a sound that is similar to the most original sounding instruments. And that's quite understandable. We typically think when the sound is born out of a musical instrument, and not from the womb of the computer. 

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How to choose Sound Card for home studio

How to choose a good Sound Card for home studio

audio interface

Modern musicians and sound engineers are always faced with the choice of a good sound card for home studio. Today there are so many different sound cards. And to choose the right sound card with high sound quality and affordable prices, many musicians spending a lot of time. That's why I decided to write this article to leave my opinion on sound cards to home studio. This article is not for professional recording studio.

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20 November 2013

How to open RAR archive on Mac

How to Use RAR Archive on MAC OS

winrar on mac

 Hi dear norCtrack Users. I decided to write this article because quite a few Mac users have asked me - how to open WinRar archive on the Mac? Once I can say that it is quite simple.

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14 November 2013

We Accept Advertising

Now We Accept Advertising

Do you have a recording studio or a music product that you wish to advertise ? Of course it is possible now at vst-store.com. Now we accept paid advertising at our website, twitter and facebook pages. With us you can submit your music product of many musicians.

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Changes on vst-store.com 2013-11-14

Changes on vst-store.com 2013-11-14

norCtrack respect his visitors. That's why every time we think of something new, to make use of vst-store.com convenient and simple. 

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13 November 2013

Roland XP-80 Kontakt Instrument Released

New Sounds norCtrack Roland XP-80 Kontakt Instrument Released

NEW Product 2013 November

roland xp80 virtual instrument

A new Kontakt Instrument is ready. We have produced a new Virtual Instrument Roland XP-80 to Native Instrument Kontakt. This is one of the old but great synthesizer.

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10 November 2013

Free Coupons

Free Coupons

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What is ASIO?

What is ASIO?

What is behind it and why you need it most ASIO? How to properly configure and customize?


And so today the illuminating of the infamous ASIO. Here I will analyze in this thread, for those who have bad feeling in the vast digital audio, and for those who swim in the sea for years.

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